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Our Lutheran Brothers and Sisters

Part of a sermon series surveying various Christian denominations, Dr. Win Green, a United Methodist Church minister from New Cumberland, PA, discusses "What makes a Lutheran a Lutheran".

The One Feeling God Outlaws

The 10th Commandment, Thou Shall Not Covet, is the only Commandment that specifically outlaws a feeling, and interestingly one that God would seem break.

Sorrow Turned To Joy!

The resurrection!

Baughman Memorial UMC Sunday Morning

The warm and welcoming Baughman Memorial UMC Sunday morning service in New Cumberland, PA.

Where God Guides He Provides!

How to pay for the ministry God calls you into.

Welcome to Baughman Memorial UMC

A two minute visual introduction to Baughman Memorial UMC.

A Rogue Squirrel Up Your Tree!

Cultivating your personal spiritual life.

The Only Lesson The Apostle's Wanted!

Jesus' response to the only thing His apostle's asked to learn.

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